Tomeu Coll

2006 - 2013

Badlands: A Handful of Bones

“What is born underwater remains underwater”

It is said that on the full moon nights, the dead crawl out to go hunting. There are tormented souls everywhere. The misery is in their faces. Stagnant, no money, no fresh blood. Still, this lands of the south of the island emanate a scent of revenge and envy…of patience and smiles alike, as little or nothing matters when one is close to the fire and can be fed for one more day…

There was a time in which the peasants worked the land previously hitting the hard stones that, for centuries, remained under the waters that covered this part of the South of the island of Palma de Mallorca, in the Mediterranean sea.

Currently the whole of the population of these lands that are not located on the coast, has become a place where time has no rhythm. In this isolated plain stretched for about 30km in all directions, there are many hidden riches, from old centenarians Mills until a few monoliths that date back thousands of years ago, known as 'talaiots', similar to stones of Stonehenge, but these await the passage of time alone, captive of his own past.

When the landscape melts with the collective imagination of the inhabitants, and although it is an unconscious process, it is when the spiritual isolation appears in such a way that it seems that it was always have been there. The feeling of living between the lines of "The Heart is a lonely Hunter" that Carson McCullers wrote, cannot be avoided.

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