Voids Diary

Tomasz Lazar

2020 - Ongoing

On 11th of March the WHO announced the COVID-19 virus as a pandemic.

From that moment everyday life in Poland began to change. Firstly, due to the introduction of

the epidemic status, restrictions were introduced to

protect people from getting infected. Secondly, fear appeared among the people.

Places, once full of life, became depopulated. In public spaces

a noticeable emptiness appeared, interpersonal relationships changed. Postapocaliptic atmosphere and views appeared in front of people faces like scenes from different movies that they had seen.

With time, the so-called defrosting of the economy started in Poland.

People slowly began to go out into the street, but the feeling of fear remained.

The second wave of the pandemic has arrived in the fall. Finally, humanity faced a new reality that forced them to leave their comfort zone. The individual was doomed to total isolation.

According to official data bye December 31 2020, in Poland over 1,294,878 people fell ill and 28,554 died. Many people believe that this data is heavily underestimated.

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  • View of the empty Iluzjon Cinema room. Pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of Health of March 14, all facilities such as cinemas, museums, libraries, theaters, etc. are closed until further notice. Warsaw, Poland, 27.03.2020

  • Klaudia and Szymon getting married during the pandemic. According to the Covid regulations in Poland, only the couple, witnesses, photographer and the person celebrating the wedding may be in the wedding hall during the ceremony. Wesola close to Warsaw , Poland, 28.11.2020

  • Father Lech Dorobczyński, priest of the
    Franciscan reformers parish in Warsaw, while walking around the
    estate and blessing parishioners who do not leave the homes with
    the monstrance. Warsaw, Poland, 19.04.2020

  • A couple on a walk in the Moat Park by the slopes of the Citadel. They stand next to holes full of seemingly dead trees with a mosaic inside. The tree is reborn every year. At that time, in accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Health, in connection with COVID-19, one could move around the park alone, in pairs or as a family of several. Warsaw, Poland, 28.03.2020

  • Jola, who worked as a flight attendant for 30 years, receives food from people from the Senior Aid campaign. This action was organized by the Warsaw Group and every
    day helps an increasing number of elderly people who stay at home for fear of being infected with COVID-19. Warsaw, Poland, 10.04.2020

  • A man undergoing resuscitation in a Hospital Emergency Department. Warsaw, Poland, 23.05.2020

  • An elderly man at high risk, occupying a secluded place in a subway car. Warsaw, Poland, 19.03.2020

  • X-ray of a person diagnosed with COVID-19. Warsaw, Poland, 01.05.2020

  • Technicians doing covid tests in the Alab lab. Alab is the second largest private laboratory in Poland. Warsaw, Poland, 13.05.2020

  • Portrait of a family in quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic. Grzegorz Sobótka (37) with his wife Gosia (35) and children Piotr (7), Michał (5), and Zosia (3) most likely got infected from Grzegorz's mother. After they were privately tested for Covid-19 and found positive, they themselves went to quarantine, where they stayed for about a month. Okuniew close to Warsaw, Poland, 24.11.2020

  • The patient, with confirmed COVID-19, transported to the Hospital Emergency Department and waiting for admission to the Ministry of Interior and
    Administration hospital in Warsaw. Warsaw, Poland, 23.05.2020

  • Paulina Cierpiałowska (15 years old), multiple Polish champion in swimming, during training in the pool constructed by her parents in the garden. As a result of COVID-19, the Olympic Games in Tokyo have been postponed, which means Paulina still has the chance to qualify for the Olympic Games. Malbork, Poland, 19.05.2020

  • Testing for COVID-19 on soldiers from the Border Protection Army at the Ministry of Interior and Administration hospital in Warsaw. Warsaw, Poland, 30.04.2020

  • View of the deserted Deloitte office building in the city center. Pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of Health, from March 16 all companies had to start remote work "home office". Warsaw, Poland, 21.04.2020

  • A deserted playground in Warsaw's Zoliborz district. All playgrounds have been closed. In addition, some city squares have been sealed and secured with black foil so made impossible to use. Warsaw, Poland, 28.03.2020

  • Portrait of a family during the Covid-19 pandemic in Poland. Paula says goodbye to her parents Ewa and Krzysztof, after delivering the shopping to their home. For their safety, she does it through the glass door. Older people are at high risk for this disease. Ewa and Krzysztof made the decision to isolate themselves from everyone until they were vaccinated against Covid-19. Latchorzew close to Warsaw, Poland, 28.03.2020

  • View of the prepared Food Court at the Arkadia Shopping Center the day before the opening. After the introduction of the next stage of defrosting the economy, shopping centers will be opened and food in the centers will only be available for take-out. Warsaw, Poland, 04.05.2020

  • Ozonation of the underground passage in the city center. Warsaw, Poland, 07.04.2020

  • Covid Party - Magda with her husband Albert visiting her friends Marzena and Artur in the neighborhood. They keep distances and comply with all ordinances of the Minister of Health. Piaseczno close to Warsaw, Poland, 18.04.2020

  • The body of a man who was admitted to the Emergency Room in the morning at the Ministry of Interior Hospital with aortic dissection. He died during transport to the operating room. He was in quarantine at home before arriving at the hospital. Warsaw, Poland, 30.04.2020