Ku Makinu, I Dream, Yo Sueño

Tatiana Lopez

2020 - Ongoing

Ku Makinu, is an ongoing project that began as a result of isolation during the pandemic, Covid-19. This idea first emerged from my ethnographic research on animistic notions and ecological well-being, which takes into account the place of dreams and the non-human in Indigenous Sapara ontologies. Therefore, this current work explores personal, bodily, and dream experiences through an interpretive process of emotions portrayed in photographs and narratives. In other words, this research is based on my dream journal as the storytelling process. For me, telling photo stories guided by my dreams became and continues to be a healing journey during these uncertain times. One of the main questions that guide this project is, how will dreams re-introduce us to our sacred commitment to the earth at a time when we have become separated from our divine source.

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  • What role do dreams play in our waking life actions?

  • The dream Auneka visits me

  • Hidden Place

  • Lotus Rebirth

  • Eclipse Dreams

  • Upside Down

  • Confinement