Finding Stenli

Tereza Kozinc

2017 - 2020

"A land that is so different from where I was born and yet the snow tastes the same.

Disappeared on 21.7.2017. We never found any remains.

Stenli became a metaphor for my utopic search of a home; in a forest in a river, at night and in all the creatures that were a part of our pack."


Stenli was a creature who was very dear to me and the disappearance had some influence on my life. I have been changing homes in the last years and traveled quite a lot, so I have started to ask myself where is my home. I knew my roots, I knew my heart, but still I had this missing part in me, so I gathered work that was done while feeling and questioning all this. Stenli became my metaphor or myth for my search. The search is manifesting in different forms in different parts of the globe, from Japan to my backyard. The compass in my inner impulse. I don’t state where the images were taken. I stream towards a mystery of who or what Stenli is. The question stayes open to the viewer.

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