Thanasorn Janekankit

2016 - Ongoing

Bangkok, Thailand; Zhangye, Gansu Sheng, China; Berlin, Germany; India; Tokyo, Japan

Somebody said great picture must tell a story with a deep thinking or at least you have to be so lucky to find the great moment that no one is able to find.

Unfortunately, I am the unlucky person that could not find that special moment in my daily life.

Many times I have to say “What The F*ck” to myself and thinking why I am not that lucky one.

Well, if I don’t have a luck then I will create the moment myself.

I will try to think and bring out my imagination of the ordinary world from the ordinary place that I have visited.

WTF is a series that is created from my “What The F*ck” perception, “What The F*ck” moments, and “What The F*ck” perspective in the f*cking ordinary world around me, combining it altogether to be my best “What The F*ck” photos.

Hope you all enjoy my WTF world… yes, I mean my What The F*ck shots.

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