Tine Poppe

2018 - Ongoing

Self portraits on chemotherapy cancer treatment. Colour painted on black and white large format photographs.

“I feel like Vietnam. They use chemical warfare on me. My illness attacks and colonises. It makes me shut up. My body talks louder than I ever could. … Everything remembered from my life is dear, touching and precious. … The past is at least safe, even though I didn’t know it at the time. Now I know. … What makes me feel strong? Being in love, and work. I have to work. … I want to live.” Susan Sontag (extracts from Regarding Susan Sontag)

I was diagnosed with cancer and started chemotherapy treatment in December 2018. This project has served as both therapy and a means of expressing the physical feeling of being injected with chemical poison which attacks every cell of the body in order to preserve this one and only precious life.

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