Yu Hsuan Chang

2018 - Ongoing

I have a personal project "G-book" since 2017, aimed at tell people to believe: Beauty is not only one way. From 2017, I invited females who would like to be photographed without any edited on their bodies and faces, and focus on what they do but not what they look.

It's been running for almost two years, and this year goes to another project "Bodylines". This project is the branch of G-book, aimed at beautifying body lines and not feeling shamed on them. Breaking "one way beauty" and hope GIRLS could embrace their imperfect body.

Bodylines is a way to turn people’s attention to women’s intellect and capabilities, not on how they measure up to a standard of beauty.

“Are stretch marks only ugly because other people say they are? Or are they truly ugly?” Chang wonders. “I was bothered by mine when I was younger and wanted laser removal. But I didn’t have the money, and once I was older, I’d gotten used to them, so I didn’t worry about them. I hope I can bring my own experience of acceptance to women who are struggling. The idea is to help people rethink stretch marks by ‘decorating’ them.”

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