The Caravan Project

Þórdís Erla Ágústsdóttir

2019 - 2020

The project is a collaboration between two Icelandic photographers, Thordis Erla Ágústsdóttir and Sigridur Rut Marrow. The caravan park is a community of hundreds of Icelandic people on a summer holiday. The village is about 30 years ould and It has been growing from a few caravans into a village of a few thousand people. The inhabitants come from all over Iceland to spend their summer holidays in a peaceful environment, to nurture themselves in nature through communication with the other inhabitants. The owners of the caravans have through the years been making the area greener, building porches and facilities around their summer dwellings.

Many things draws the photographers attention to this district. For example the residents spend a lot of time decorating their area in a colorful and lively way, with platforms, elves, flowers and grown gardens and built greenhouses. They are very proud of the area and enjoy themselves when staying there. Every year there is a big celebration and a competition between the inhabitants for the title “Lawn of the year”.

Few weeks ago the office of district magistrate decided that this village has to disappear before the end of 2022. The reason being that there is not enough fire prevention in the area. This comes as a shock to people that have been investing for years in their summer dwellings and are attached to the area sentimentally. The cost will be huge for each owner and will be at their cost.

The serie of photos reflects on the habitations, the atmosphere and their activities and a documentation of a disappearing society. The inhabitants have welcomed us with open arms. Its like stepping into a new world.

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