The Singularity

Marcin Plonka

2018 - Ongoing

“Last invention we’ll ever make — the last challenge we’ll ever face”

Project depicts an idea of the singularity, a hypothetical future point in time at which Artificial Intelligence (AI) growth becomes irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilisation. Boundaries of the AI technology are pushed further and further every year and in the conceivable future, multilayered reality is inevitable.

I created the project to rise awareness of an AI development that in many ways may improve our daily life but if uncontrolled it may also be devastating for humanity.

I’ve used language of in-camera multi exposure and basic raw editing that allowed me to create imagery on the edge of reality yet with elements that are familiar, reflecting that global AI spread is much closer then Sci-Fi imagination.

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  • From cash society to bitcoin, from no computers to smartphones, from no tv to YouTube. Majority of population on earth doesn’t follow the progress of steady grow in where new technologies are implemented fluently through out the time. Developing countries may encounter biggest transformation thanks to affordable electronics and spread of an AI allowing more sustainable growth also placing local economies in a global markets.

  • Potential of powerful AI algorithms might be beneficial to solve one of the biggest contemporary issues which is global warming.

  • How will AI perceive earth and us? In may ways we are already being observed and captured data is being analysed and transformed towards creation of human alike AI.

  • Is AI needed to sky rocket development of technology in general to allow as to go beyond solar system?

  • May potential of AI lead to creation of new biological life not yet present on Earth?

  • More and more thinkers world wide accept concept that we’re already in the simulation. In the near future when the singularity will be entirely possible most likely we merge with digital and reality will no longer be what we consider for granted today.

  • One of the most inspirational ideas of AI usage is search and colonisation of habitable zones in the universe.

  • Pop-culture concept of uncontrolled AI spread usually leads to cyberpunk like reality. Is that vision too sci-fi or it’s inevitable?

  • AI is already present in our life. Music and shopping recommendation, fastest navigation routes, voice controlled commands, these are all aspects of technology driven by an early version of AI technology.

  • If everything will be controlled by AI how sure are we that we are still in control? The worst case scenarios of AI development is that AI may decide we are no longer needed.