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Fragments of imminent

Thanos Kostikos

2014 - Ongoing


A common and rather stereotypical definition considers time as a linear continuum within which events unfold irreversibly and one-sided. Time is represented as a sequenced status quo, which is always travelling with a specific pace towards one and only one direction: Past to Present.

However, the ephemerality and vulnerability of everything around us, the mortality and fragility of our existence, is there not only to show us what has irrevocably happened but also to remind us of what is coming.

That which is gone, will come back to haunt us sooner or later. The ephemeral repeated constantly becomes eternal and in this way the future itself functions as a reminder, as a déjà vu, or as a repeated past.

The way of course these comings and goings are mapped out is strictly defined by our personal space.

All the images are taken today, some years ago, some decades later, somewhere.

It doesn't really matter.

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