Published on 22nd February 2018

These Virgin Lands Bring Up New Heroes

  • "New order reigns. Its reign is absolute."

  • "It is not good to be too free. It is not good to have all of life's necessities."

  • "The silence of these eternal spaces may frighten you."

  • "Technology will empower you to accomplish mythical feats."

  • "Your body must be trained on a daily basis. Physical strength is the precursor to moral strength."

  • "Rewrite history immediately before it can be written."

  • "It's best to have your first before you are 20. Having children young makes for stronger youth. Children should always surpass their parents."

  • "The future is a country that doesn't exist."

  • "You are faced with the task of construction and you can cope with it only by mastering all human knowledge."

  • "It's a tradition with the pathfinders to hold their annual rallies at Hero-cities."

  • "We are always in the vanguard."

  • "You come out of these Virgin Lands and from not knowing anything you come to knowledge."

  • "The future is behind us."

  • "No will nor testament precedes our inheritance."

  • "Henceforth we will live in a world without memory."

These Virgin Lands Bring Up New Heroes

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