Journée ordinaire

Thomas Gauthier

2017 - 2020

Journée ordinaire is a stroll. It is a visual poetry, a photographic story with an autobiographical character that offers a free interpretation of reality.

The series is set on my daily journeys. The ones we walk through every day to go to work or to go shopping. Those times when we are glued to our phones or lost in our thoughts. In a society where nobody takes the time to look at the familiar space that surrounds them, I show here that the ordinary, the mundane, the routine can be full of poetry if you take the time to observe.

The series presents around fifty images which seem to be the start of enigmatic stories. Photographic language, marked by a mixture of color and black and white, blurs the lines between dream and reality. Timelessness and melancholy give each image the character of a deliberately subjective memory. These are impressions, perfumes, sounds that break the time sequence into fragments. Fragments of a capital city hiding traces of the marvelous in the mundane and the everyday environment.

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