With and For

Tereza Červeňová

2019 - Ongoing

This chapter started with a meeting of two souls. By the time those souls went their separate ways, the world has experienced a disruption of unprecedented scale.

This work is equally a response to the turmoil of that global monumental shift, as it is my personal confession. It is a story of deep love, of conflict, of entanglement versus alienation. From the microcosm of one’s own identity, through the unique and intricate ecosystem of family, to the realisation of one’s role and position in the world and the responsibility that comes with that.

These images exist in an ever-changing network of hundreds of others - still and moving. There I flow, at the speed of life, with and for my loved ones, desiring the impossible. To overcome a necessity to blink, not to miss a breath, a gesture, a gaze.

When I chose to embark on this journey, I was already on the path. Where I stand now is one step ahead of what I’m yet to realize, however two steps behind of what I feel. But still, living and creating these allows me to commune with others and together We render the Mundane beautiful. For Mundane is the place in which We dwell. Mundane is where We breathe.

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  • For Sama, notes to Self, and to Ibrahim.

    [Waterloo, July 2020]

  • When We renovated Our rented flat a year before We moved out.

    [Waterloo, June 2019]

  • Police kettling people outside Our house after the Black Lives Matter protests.

    [Waterloo, June 2020]

  • Us at the Beginning.

    [Waterloo, March 2019]

  • Reflecting, On & Through the Water with my Brother.

    [Bratislava, August 2020]

  • Father.

    [Northern Slovakia, August 2020]

  • Mother.

    [Bratislava, August 2020]

  • With Self, at peace.

    [Prague, August 2020]

  • Ibrahim.

    [Waterloo, July 2020]

  • Horses (Family).

    [Bratislava, January 2019]

  • Black Fist on Big Ben after Protest.

    [Westminster, June 2020]

  • Ibrahim, irritated by allergy.

    [Hammersmith, May 2020]

  • With Self, in conflict.

    [Venice, October 2019]

  • Adam and Ibrahim breaking bread.

    [The Hague, January 2020]

  • Tending to Grandmothers' ears.

    [Northern Slovakia, August 2020]

  • With Self, in spirit.

    [Bratislava, August 2020]