Paper Skin



Lima, Peru

When we got a scar, we are left with a brand that reminds us of the experience that we went through, which can be both physical and emotional. "Paper skin" ("Piel de Papel" in Spanish) is about the exploration and the feeling of not owning my violated body. It started with a simple question, in what state do I find myself in front of my body?

Through the collage, I manipulated different photos printed on paper, connecting with them as I destroyed and reconstructed them, creating new pieces and meanings.

Nature plays an essential role in my work, seeking to unify and embellish the black and white image depicting the chaos and desolation of having scars that one does not come to accept.

Carrying out this project allows me to be vulnerable to a topic that I carry hiding for a long time. Photography allows me to explore myself and in it, I find a space for meditation and introspection. My relationship with my art parts from a traumatic experience that I went through a little over a year ago. I still believe I'm broken, and I keep looking for a reason to love myself the way I used to, welcoming each piece that I have lost, knowing it will never be the same.

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  • Translation: "I hope one day I will see myself and smile. Today it hurts to look at myself in the mirror and know that I will not return. Without sadness."

  • Translation: "I made myself see beauty" "Is it ok if i don´t love myself?"

  • Translation: "parts, pieces"

  • Translation: "She always told me to imagine a green light"

  • Translation: "I'm still fucked in a cycle of hopelessness"

  • Translation: " She has beautiful spots"

  • Translation: "Don´t hide"