Living in the Negative Space

Vytenis Jankūnas

2018 - Ongoing

New York City, New York, United States

These series of work are about people living on the streets and subway platforms of NYC. To me it is a different world from the one the rest of the people live in this glitzy and rich island of Manhattan. I call it a NEGATIVE SPACE (the space opposite to our habitats). To emphasize the idea of the “Negative Space” I inverted most of the images to negatives. Images are composed using pictures taken with the different cameras, post-processed in Photoshop and ready for the large output.

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  • Man of the Streets

  • Cheese Cake Dream

  • Never Commute Hungry

  • MSG Sidewalk

  • Everything I Have

  • Apocalypse Now

  • PENN Station

  • Personal Space

  • Winter Boots

  • Bench

  • Down in Queens

  • Adam's Cock

  • Signs of Despair

  • Shopping cart on Broadway

  • Happy B-Day!

  • Personal Space Inhabited

  • Looming Manhattan

  • Zerospace

  • Window Frame

  • Glitzy 5th