The Children of Carrowbrowne

Tamara Eckhardt

2019 - Ongoing

Claregalway, Connaught, Ireland

My project “The Children of Carrowbrowne” offers a glimpse into the environment and daily life of young Traveller children. As Ireland’s largest minority group Travellers are ostracized from Irish society for their nomadic way of life and pushed to the periphery of urban spaces. On the outskirts of Galway situated right next to dumpsters is the Carrowbrowne Halting Site, home to eight Traveller families and their children. Those children grow, play and laugh whilst impartial to their surroundings. At times, there is a missing lightheartedness in their postures and interactions. Tiny humans but with the sternness of their adult peers. And yet, despite being marginalized both culturally and geographically, their youthful innocence shields them from despair and determinism.

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