Maria Tereza Anater

2017 - 2018

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil


For millennia alchemical processes fascinated mankind. Names like Nicolau Flamel, Paracelsus, Hermes Trismegisto, Josefo Quercetanus, populate the popular imagination.

The philosopher's stone, which transforms it into gold, and the elixir of eternal life, was the search that guided the master alchemists. An alchemy, clear, perished in its obscurity, "obscure by obscure, ignored by ignoble."

Carl G. Jung, in his last years of life, rewrote his set of studies, understanding the alchemist, in working as a transmutation, was in a relationship not only with matter but with his own unconscious. For Jung, the psyche of the artist remains closely linked to the work, not only as a mediator, but also as a source and starting point, establishing a symbolic relationship between his individual processes and his work, an encounter with his inner wealth.

In the series of images, I try to portray, symbolically, psychic processes proposed from the analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.

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