Published on 20th February 2018

Confiteor (I confess)

  • Francesco was abused for several years during his childhood by a priest in Savona, a sea town in Liguria, Italy. The first abuse happened in the church of the small village of Spotorno (left image of the diptych). He is now an activist asking for the rights of the victims of clerical pedophilia

  • An archival photo showing Francesco, and some friends, at the age of the first abuse

  • The wood where Mirko was abused by a priest during a summer camp

  • Davide's letter

  • A view of the neighborhood in Catanzaro, Calabria, where Davide was living. Most of the victims come from poor areas and villages and are of humble origins

  • The abuses suffered has changed Davide's life forever

  • T. memories of the abuses

  • The oratory "Don Orione" in Alessandria, Piemonte. Here Father Marcanti abused at least five children. Videos of the abuses were recorded by the police. He has been arrested in 2004

  • Erik (left) is the son of the former priest of Migliarino, Emilia - Romagna. His mother (right) was raped by the priest when she was 14 years old. Erik is the son of this violence.

  • Abuses often lead to psychological problem. Like Diego's case

  • Denis (right) was abused for several years by the priest of Calice Ligure, a tiny village in the hills of Liguria. Many episodes of these abuses took place in the church (left)

  • A view of the coastal road that runs along Liguria, called Aurelia. This road links many small villages where cases of pedophile priests have been reported during the years

  • Religion in Italy is quite strong, especially in small villages where the priest is still one of the most powerfull and respected person. So very often the victims that decide to reveal the abuses suffered are denigrated and secluded by their own communities

  • Up until 1984 more than sixty deaf and dumb children were sexually abused at the "Provolo" Institute in Verona, Veneto. All of them were of humble origins

  • Father Abbiati, former priest of Borgarello, near Pavia, has been condemned to six years for sexual abuses on minors. The three victims were aged 11, 12 and 13 years old, and he was used to bring them in a parking lot in the industrial area of Albuzzano

  • Emilio, was abused for several years. He wrote a book about his experience

  • L. memories of the abuses suffered

  • A victim's tattoo

Confiteor (I confess)

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