the weird sisters

Tabitha Camp

2019 - Ongoing

Alpena, Michigan, United States

This photo series features the three actors playing the Witches in Thunder Bay Theatre's fall 2019 production of Macbeth. Utilizing stage lighting and black sheer fabric, the actors explore their physical relationships and anthropomorphic abilities.

This production of Macbeth is exploring feminism, queerness, race, and other marginal identities through gender-swapping the role of Macbeth. Through ensemble devised partner work, hip-hop, pop, and rock music, and dance pieces, this modern concept problematizes the comparison of oppression and the rules of the system we all exist in today.

Models: Desi Rodriguez, Emily Ahrens, and Sierra Glosson. Taken on Canon EOS Rebel t6. Molly Stricker and MaryKathryn Kopp assisted in posing and movement for this shoot.

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