explorations in color and light

Tabitha Camp

2019 - Ongoing

Alpena, Michigan, United States

This photo series explores light and color utilizing colored gels and flash. Taken on Canon EOS Rebel t6. Model: Molly Stricker.

Tabitha Camp (she/her) is a twenty-two year old artist originally from Champaign, Illinois. She is a stage manager and technical director currently based in Northeast Michigan, and has been practicing photography for the past two years. Tabitha is very interested by patterns and repetition, as this is how she makes sense of the world. Existing as a gay woman in a society that doesn’t want to listen has pushed her to find ways of communicating her thoughts, feelings, and the way she sees the world through avenues that don’t require speaking. Tabitha has been most inspired during her travels in Europe, having found emotion and beauty in curious structures from long ago as well as memorials that pay homage to time past. tabithacampphotography.com

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