Tara Fallaux

2018 - 2021

Xiamen, Fujian, China

Perfect Pearl is about chasing love - or rather, the friction between dream and hard reality. The picture perfect life as seen in dreams may all turn out to be an illusion - like castles in the sky. (2018-2021)

The main subject is love seen from a female perspective. The work also touches on existential solitude, the makeability of life and fleeting online personalities, emancipation, gender, and finding and retaining one's own identity and vote amid a crowd of lonely souls. While searching for love in life, nostalgia often influences the overpowering yearning for something that has been or is yet to come. It remains unclear if the longing can be fulfilled. In an intuitive approach, Fallaux has found images, situations and writings to convey a female Chinese story about coming of age and trying to find the perfect love. The outcome remains unclear- just like love itself

Despite its cultural definitions and particularities, love is a universal emotion, which enabled Fallaux to identify with Chinese women in their early twenties. Her friendship resulted in a collaboration where art is constructed with Fallaux’s poetic observations and thoughts and feelings of her young Chinese friends.

After her 2018 residency in Xiamen, China, Perfect Pearl is shaped with intuitive multi- faceted imagery, photography, video, spoken and written word. And in a centerpiece video-installation her Chinese friends represent themselves.

PERFECT PEARL consists of an exhibition with two Film installations, photography and an artist book.

About the title:

Are you a thirty-year-old woman in China and unmarried? Then you might be called a Faded Pearl, a pearl that has lost its shine and has actually lost its value. Young women struggle with the ambition or the fear to become a Perfect Pearl. High expectations as felt coming from their social environment makes these young women question their dreams and fantasies about love. Trying to pursue your perfect future dream feels like a dangerous game. Will you always be disappointed if you keep chasing the perfect picture? How each individual shapes her life and expresses her existence is an ongoing source of lasting inspiration in Tara Fallaux’s work.

Private vimeo link of my two film installations on request.

'I write this letter in bed' 8 Minute film on three screens.

'Mobile Home' 20 minute film on three screens in vertical position.

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  • Love Beach

  • 奇怪的是,我们都是回避型的。因为通常回避和焦虑会相互吸引。这就是为 什么我们可能觉得我们不够爱。因为我们都是回避型的。但我开始对他产生 依恋。现在我已经觉得有点难过了。我不在他身边的时候。所以我必须远离 他,我不能活在这种执着中。
    It’s strange that we’re both avoidant. Coz’ normally avoidant and anxious attracts each other. That’s why maybe we feel like we’re not in love enough. Because we’re both avoidant. But I’m starting to develop attachment to him. Now I would feel a bit sad already. When I’m not with him. That's why I have to be away from him I can’t live in this attachment. Translated by WeChat

  • 大家讨厌被说成是“妇女”,因为这被男权光环赋予下,她不再是 光鲜亮丽的亚洲女性会害怕老去,或者有过生育经验,这会使她们 失去部分的所谓的自身价值。
    Everyone hates being called a “woman” because she is no longer a glamorous Asian woman because of the patriarchal aura, she will be afraid of getting old, or have had childbirth
    experience, which will make them lose part of their so-called self-worth. Translated by WeChat

  • 04:18 4 hours ago
    其实每个人都知道自己的幸福是什么,只是很多时候觉得自己好像 不该满足,因为那些让自己幸福的事真是太小了,简直不好意思 说。我已经承认,不论自己在做什么,那些让我觉得幸福的,一如 既往地,是那些小事。于是我不再为足够幸福的自己,寻找不快乐 的理由。
    In fact, everyone knows what their own happiness is, but a
    lot of times feel like they should not be satisfied, because
    the things that make their happiness is too small, almost embarrassed to say. I’ve admitted that whatever I’m doing, it’s the little things that make me happy, as always. So I stopped
    looking for reasons to be unhappy for myself to be happy enough. Translated by WeChat

  • 我想在未来成为一名作家,我正在路上。我想拥有一生的自由,爱 与和平。也许更大的乳房 :-)
    I wanna be a writer in the future and I am on my way. And I
    want to own freedom in the whole life, love and peace. Maybe bigger breasts :-) Translated by WeChat

  • 今天晚上实在忍不住很想吃东西 我直接把衣服脱了照镜子 呜呜呜 忍住了
    I couldn't resist eating tonight. I just took my clothes off and looked in the mirror. Translated by WeChat

  • 青春常常拿不出手,什么都是刚开始,对什么都不熟。拿不出手就 不拿了,而是紧紧地攥在手心,把勇气、坚持、梦想和想保护的一 切。喜悦的泪水之所以能顺畅地落下,是因为已有许多坚忍的泪, 为它探过路
    Youth often can't take a hand. Everything is just the beginning. Yeah, I'm not familiar with anything. If you can't take it, you will not take it. But clutched in the palm of your hand. Put
    courage, persistence, dream and the need to protect everything. Translated by WeChat