Tania Franco Klein

2018 - Ongoing

California, United States

The map as a representation of the territory, and the internet as a representation of life.

Proceed To The Route takes its name from the popular quote which starts every journey in Google Maps and which appears as a reminder every time a wrong turn is done.

The roads and freeways once shaped the paths of progress. Today, those roads are mostly visited by passengers who rarely know where they are going but flow at a fast pace without stopping. Having access to the knowledge to go anywhere, and still knowing nothing. Progress has overpassed us, leaving a state of nothingness and confusion in our eclectic-overconnected reality in which history runs faster than the seconds on the clock.

It is in the emptiness of the countryside that one can situate an encounter of an old lifestyle that still waits for its abandonment and containment, reflecting the new growth of a central capitalist system.

The drifters and travelers, all passing through some state of nothingness, that share private moments in public spaces, are a clear example of the ephemeral, crowded, and at the same time almost empty, leftovers of contemporary cities.

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  • Proceed To The Route

  • Pool, Wig (self-portrait)

  • Plane (self-portrait)

  • Plane II (self-portrait)

  • Car, Window (self-portrait)

  • Road

  • Rearview Mirror (self-portrait)

  • Parking Lot (self-portrait)

  • Seat, telephone

  • Flat Tire (self-portrait)

  • (self-portrait)

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