Rare Creatures

Tina Gutierrez

2019 - Ongoing

This series of photographs involves an exploration of the imagination. I wanted to

have fantasy creatures come to life, characters that seem to be taken from

archetypal images. I use materials that are borrowed, found, and thrifted. The

images are improvisational and whimsical, and that becomes the core through

which the figures, wearing specific colors and shapes, are brought to life.

Normally, I portray the body in a classical or beautiful way, but in this series I

wanted to depart into non-traditionally beautiful shapes. My intent was to create

mystery, intrigue, fear or delight. The models, many of whom are professional

dancers, were asked to explore the fabrics in unfamiliar ways, to invoke a kind of

childhood curiosity. My goal is to move the viewer into a space of speculation. I

invoke creatures inspired by childhood nightmares to explore the differences

between what people see and how they judge the unfamiliar.

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