Tagger Yancey Iv

2012 - 2013

Mirrored is an exploration of the space between the self and other. In the series, two people alternately converge and diverge, their differences fading and becoming more apparent from image to image.

From the beginning of my relationship with Nicholas, people have commented on our similarities. More than one person has remarked that we might be brothers. In the series, I have begun to blur the line between the subject and the photographer, between Nicholas and myself. The conventional roles of photographer and photographed began to break down as the project progressed and became more of a collaboration.

Nicholas and I are parallel but not equivalent, one an inexact reflection of the other. The literal iteration of this reflection is apparent in the landscape, functioning both as a metaphor and as evidence of an internal mental terrain.

In each other, we have found ourselves— a reflection, an opposite, two halves once again forming a whole.

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