Tracing "Yu Xiaomei"

Senjie Zhu

2017 - 2020

The project is a research on a lady who was born in China, 1947, and passed away in Arica at the end of 2017.

Yu Xiaomei, name of the main character, was my grandma. Her daughter has married an Arican from Cote d'lvoire in 1992. Yu determined to move to Africa alone to stay with her daughter at the age of sixty-five, and never had a chance to back to China again. The last time I saw Yu, she was seriously ill and has lost her language skills in Africa. I accompanied Yu and document the last 7 days of her life. Eventually I buried her in Congo, Africa.

In order to better understand the underlying reasons for losing Yu, I began to trace her past and analyze it. Comprehensive collection of related images had gathered, meanwhile, I started to reconstruct people who comes and goes in Yu's life by splitting, regrouping the images and mixed with diverse languages. In the research for Yu from my perspective, I found myself immersed in self-identity under the globalization in this chaotic world.

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  • Yu Xiaomei In 1969, 2017

  • Family Archive, 2018

  • Going Home Is A Long Way To Start, 2019

  • Socialist Puzzle, 2019

  • "Beds In My Hometown are Made of Ivory", Shanghai 1989, 2019

  • Rare Occasion, Shanghai 1991, 2019

  • To Your Place, 2019

  • "Ni Hao", 2018

  • Boarding, Ethiopian, 2017

  • Home, Lubumbashi, 2017

  • Nanny Christian and Mimi, Lubumbashi, 2017

  • I Met Yu, Lubumbashi, 2017

  • Yu's Daughter, Lubumbashi, 2017

  • Funeral, Lubumbashi, 2017

  • Yu's Shroud, 2018

  • Yu's Daughter Is Having Massage, Lubumbashi, 2017

  • Certificate, 2019

  • Yu's Daughter Standing By Her Grave, Lubumbashi, 2017

  • Back Home, Lubumbashi, 2017

  • Self-Portrait With Yu in 2019, 2019

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