Herbarium In Urbe

Sue Vo-Ho

2019 - Ongoing

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

In my childhood, I was fascinated by all the delicacies and the varieties of the wildflowers. I was surrounded by nature all the time. I created bouquets with flowers that my naive eyes thought were beautiful. I hid some behind the pages of my books, bringing my first herbarium to life.

Now that I live in a city, surrounded by buildings and concrete. I found comfort in discovering the wildflowers of my neighborhood. For preserving the biodiversity, there’s a place where they leave the plants to grow by themselves. On the span of many months, I took pictures and I identified almost 100 species of vegetal in a small area. I learned their names and how to identify them, which brought me to love them even more. I witnessed many insects like bees and more among flowers and I realized how important they are. I discovered many indigene species of flowers, vegetables and leguminous. I noticed all the changes of each phase of the cycle of growth. This project reminds me of my grandfather who was an agronomist. I created my own urban herbarium

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  • Parthenocissus quinquefolia

  • Vicia Cracca

  • Sambucus canadensis,

  • Asclepias syriaca

  • Arctium minus

  • Tussilago farfara

  • Phleum pratense

  • Arctium minus

  • Phragmites australis

  • Sorbaria sorbifolia

  • Bidens frondosa

  • Silene cucubalus

  • Tanacetum vulgare

  • Osmunda regalis

  • Matricaria discoidea

  • Trifolium hybridium

  • Lactuca serriola

  • Pastinaca sativa

  • Circaea Canadensis

  • Lepidium virginicum