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The girl and the dead horse

Sussi Charlotte Alminde


Vejle, South Denmark, Denmark

When my family told me about the dead horse by the lake, - my curiosity led me out there pretty quickly, of course. And I immediately got artistic inspiration. You would not have seen me take these pictures 5 years ago, But last Friday (4.09.20), when I took these pictures, - my heart jumped of joy. It was exactly as I had imagined it. A story, a little old-fashioned inspired, endearing, - If I may say so! Something I will excitedly show to YOU with the good imagination!

Far out in the country there is an old Iron Age village. It hides inside the forest. There are camp school students coming every week to learn about the old days. But when they go home, it is quite quiet and you can quickly become afraid of your own imagination. In the old days, they sacrificed, healthy people in the lake to satisfy their many gods. And it's a little creepy to be here. I was drawn to many mixed, artistic, thoughts, when I first saw this place and last Friday I persuaded my daughter to participate in my plans about this image and I think it became a great success.

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