Second Time Around

Susan Rosenberg Jones

2014 - Ongoing

In 2008, my husband of 32 years passed away after a long illness. Widowed, I experienced the rollercoaster feelings of grief. In 2009 I tried online dating. The second man I met was Joel, and we immediately felt a bond. I found that I could deeply love this wonderful man, while holding dear the memories of my first husband. We married in 2012.

In Second Time Around, I delight in observing my new husband as he goes about living day to day. Joel and I quickly fell into the routine and ease of a stable married couple, except that we were newlyweds in our 60’s. While our bodies are not as supple and streamlined as they once were and we both come with a lot of baggage, at our ages, it’s no big deal. We both know that life is short, but with love and comfort, we journey through this life enthusiastically.

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