Susanne Middelberg

2013 - 2015

(2014) Portraits of people who touched me in some way.

Susannes work concerns people and their feelings.

Being human, concerning life. She does not want to make a statement, or be judgmental.

But show how she is touched by people, and what she sees in them.

If someone can be true to their nature, and not pretend to be anything other them themselves it is almost always beautiful. Then people show their openness, vulnerability and love.

That is what she wishes to voice in her work.

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  • Moritz-Jorre
    This photo shows the sensitive and the proud side of Moritz character

  • Han

  • Roseniedebie under my light

  • Mijntje

  • Maarten Heijmans
    a jong very inspiring Dutch actor whom I saw in his personage of Ramses Shaffy.

  • Moosz

  • I saw Roseniedebie working in a store. She drew my attention because she was very friendly to her colleague.

  • Brechje 14 years old

  • Eva

  • Eliza

  • Nike

  • Susanne

  • Susanne

  • Moritz _Jorre

  • Brechje

  • Ayla