Daylight 2022

Susanne Middelberg

2020 - Ongoing

In my portraits I am looking for honesty and vulnerability. I believe that vulnerability makes us nicer human beings and that this makes the world a little more friendly and more understanding. People who show themselves vulnerable give the other the confidence that they themselves may be who they are.

I am most fascinated when I can see opposite qualities of a person at the same moment.

I find this exciting because people are complex. I hope that the portrait touches something of the viewer himself.

In this series, I chose to use only daylight to make the image as natural as possible.

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  • Susanne, dancer, actress, photographer

  • Moritz-Jorre

  • Brechje

  • Waldemar, actor

  • Harmannus, actor

  • Chloé, dancer

  • Eelco, Ayurveda therapist

  • Merle

  • Harry, actor

  • Harmannus, actor

  • Ton, writer