Edible Trip to Innerspace

Sunny Strader

2020 - Ongoing

'Edible Trip to Innerspace' is about my returning to myself after years of self-abandonment. I’ve spent my career making photojournalism and documentary work that operatess as a window, but now the time has come for me to make work that operates as a mirror. These images are testaments to my making amends with myself. After all, we cannot understand others if we do not first understand ourselves.

In my world, I exist among electric colors, frozen candles, ah-ha moments, drying flowers, fake and real bugs, spongy floors, black cumulus clouds, obsessively-sculpted gelatin, lots of candy, silk grass, and tin foil wallpaper.

The global pandemic along with my newly-claimed sobriety has stripped away several layers of my life, namely work and socializing. What I'm left with is my own version of the truth and the dried pantry goods in my kitchen. I like it here.

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