You Felt the Roots Grow

You Felt the Roots Grow is a personal record of a time between hope and grief. It explores notions of belonging, illness and absence through the documentation of my family.

Told from the perspective of a daughter, I used photography and text to visualise and describe the life alongside the cancer of my father. The work draws a connection between the human body and nature. With symbols of growth and decay found in the surroundings of our home, I started to imagine and understand the hidden cancer in a poetic way.

Whilst my sister became a mother, and we were happy to see the newborn life grow, my dad slowly became weaker. Things were uncontrollable and felt very much out of hand during this time. With the means of photography and text, I tried to regain some control over the narrative and the memories that we are left with.

In May 2023, the book will be published with Ciao Press .You Felt the Roots Grow was shortlisted for the Star Photobook Dummy Award, finalist for the vfg Young Talent Award, nominated for the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer 2022, C/O Berlin Talent Award 2023.

For the Landskrona Residency, I would like to work on a new body of work that considers, from a different angle, our relationship with ageing and death.

"How to live a thousand years" is a project that will research into the human's race to stop the ageing process in the fantasy to live forever. Through advanced medical treatments, specialised nutrition and exercise, people are working on increasing their health and life expectancy. Examples of the scientific advances are the following: Scientists are examining "blue zones" - clusters of places in which a population is getting older. People are conserving their bodies through freezing, so after death, in hope to be brought back to life in hundreds of years. The project will be a combination of the philosophical, religious, social and economic views that revolve around the idea of a never-ending life. In Landskrona, I would like to interact with the local people, environment and the elderly community to document how they experience their ageing.