“The signals came to us silently and invisibly from the island rock, whose contour was scarcely visible to the naked eye, dancing on that unknown and mysterious agent the Ether”

In 1897, the first wireless signal was successfully transmitted across a body of water, from a small Island in the Bristol Channel to the Welsh coast. This transmission marked the beginning of the ‘Victorian Communication Revolution’ that arguably catapulted the World towards Globalisation.

Today, Amateur radio enthusiasts still experiment from the same two points; transgressing the obstacle of the Sea with equipment almost unchanged from those early tests. 
They display an innate human desire to connect and communicate, and identify themselves using short alphanumerical codes known as ‘Call Signs’. These signals are transmitted and received in the form of Morse Code; a truly Global language of ‘Dots and Dashes’ represented by pulses of light or sound. The sequences reference their location in the World and act as their sole identifying characteristic whilst attempting to contact other users.

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