Where were you all this time, when I didn't miss you?

This project follows my personal journey to reconnect with my lost paternal family in Sri Lanka.

Born in Sri Lanka, I was only a year old when my father passed away in a tragic motorbike accident. Over the years, my mother and I slowly lost touch with my paternal family and could not keep track of their whereabouts.

40 years later after a conversation with my son regarding my father, I was determined to learn more about my roots and reconnect with my paternal family. I begin a search for my lost relatives, using DNA testing and extensive research using old family photos, I am able to trace my paternal lineages back to a couple of small villages in Sri Lanka.

I travelled to both villages and began the process of searching for my long-lost relatives. After months of searching, I was able to connect with my paternal family and reunite with them after 40 years of separation.

Through this journey, I am able to gain a greater understanding of my roots and find a sense of belonging within my paternal family. The project serves as a reminder of the importance of family and the value of connecting with our heritage.

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