Warawar Wawa (Son of the Stars)

"Warawar Wawa" in the Aymara language (Son of the Stars) is a recontextualization of Antoine Saint Exupery's book, Le Petit Prince, to the new contemporary mixed Andean culture. For a long time, Bolivia has been reduced to foreign “folklorizing” narratives, that observed just some of the ethnic components of the region. Somehow this reduction has pointed out “what we are” and “what we are not”, this homogeneous way of looking has strongly affected the Bolivian imaginary when thinking of itself. The way we imagine our homeland and our identity according to the territory is totally linked to the canons of representation of these foreign looks from the past, historically associated to the camera.

In this sense, Warawar Wawa leads us to think a more "mixed" universe regarding the systems of representation of the past that sought the extrapolation of the "indigenous" to the "foreign". This project pretends to share my own heterogeneous identity, which embraces and does not deny the mark of the West but also lives conscious of its roots, of my ethnic roots and all of these through a fantastic universe.

Warawar Wawa (Son of the Stars) by River Claure

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