Untitled (volatile moments)

In today's rapidly changing world, technology plays an increasingly significant role in shaping our desires and consumption habits. As we continue to develop new technologies, it is crucial to consider how they impact our communication and language.

The relationship between humans and machines is constantly evolving, as we interact with technology more frequently. It is important to find ways to ensure that technology serves us without diminishing our humanity, and to understand how our desires are influenced by technology and how we communicate with it.

As we search for self-validation, we must be mindful of how the capitalist society in which we live shapes our desires for possession and consumption. These desires can have both positive and negative impacts on our lives.

The world of consumption and the volatile moment of desire are themes that permeate our lives, shaped by technology and our society's economic systems. By exploring themes of authenticity, ownership, and desire, we can gain deeper insights into the impact of technology on our society and our sense of self. The project seeks to explore and reflect upon our complex relationship with technology, the volatile moment of desire and the world of consumption.

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