Tuck & Roll

The images in Tuck and Roll* build a trans community situated in the Midwest, examining what a utopia could look like in domestic and private landscapes through the lens of magical realism. I center collected objects, hair, quiet performance, and unfetishized body and pull materials integral to queer nightlife into the daylight. Using close friends and trans siblings as stand-ins for biological family, these images manifest a desire to have unconditional relationships without letting go of the landscape I grew up in. Made in areas around western Pennsylvania, Michigan, and upstate New York, I shot the images on large-format film to slow down and give expense to trans portrayal across the region.

* Tuck and Roll (v.); The technique, almost always done while running, involves diving forward in such a way that your shoulder lands on the ground first, and you roll into a little ball. As you come out of the ball, immediately spring back up into a running stance, or move into a kneeling position.

Tuck & Roll by J Houston

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