Traces of Lifestyle

Traces of Lifestyle’ by Youvalle Levy is a series-based, photographic work created within the confines of Levy’s side-job as a private cleaner in Berlin. Objects and spaces have been documented, as though by a forensic investigator, with each item revealing a small glimpse into the lives of her clients.

Though different image styles, Levy delves into the private lives of her employers, but her discoveries are limited by what each person leaves out in the open; unaware of just how much a small object describes to an outsider.

In the style of forensic photography, objects are over exposed with an unforgiving flash, objects removed from their context are shown in vibrant clarity and degraded smartphone screen-shots invite the viewer into the relationship between Levy and her clients.

Despite the brutality of many of the objects, Levy photographs each item with the softness and understanding of an anthropologist, finding delicacy and beauty in her subjects.

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