Tiene un diamante en la punta el puñal que nos hiere

Kenny Lemes was born in Havana but has lived in Buenos Aires since childhood.

His work explores and focusses on dissident bodies and marginalized groups of people that are constantly growing on the frontiers, on the edges of cultural hegemony and critically addresses key aspects of contemporary life, the present understood as a spectrum in wich past-present-future converge.

These bodies and these identities somehow "bloom" in spaces of conflict and propose an "oblique" narrative that isn't necessarily good, moral or beautiful, expanding the gaze on what it means to be Human and empathically iluminating the poetic possibility to expand our world and to enable new (political) ways of imagine love, happiness, family, gender and social roles.

Lemes reflects on these disruptive aesthetics using the portrait as an expressive medium, building a very personal way of pointing out tiny glimpses of hope...subtle sparks of light that survive in the most unexpected places of damage, hurt, chaos and loneliness.

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