So there They are, navigating a world where the controversies and the debate regarding the moral consequences of digital technologies has for long been overcome and a whole new ubiquitous and strange character of technology pervades the collective life of the subjects-nature. Anthropocentrism, technocentrism and other isms integrate wordbooks from foreign cultures light years away.

It has come a time where the sumptuousness of the technique and artifacts was decanted and no longer sheds any kind of enchantment nor excitement in its living beings. In this scenario, it so happens that binary approaches regarding the organic or inorganic no longer are a matter of debate, whereas the issue of gender has become an overly outdated discussion.

That's when, taken by a certain feeling of boredom, They choose to travel to the archaic and distant planet earth to make contact and offer a gift.


For this project I choose to launch myself into a speculative narrative and a worldbuilding exercise to put in confrontation the realms of gender and machine.

The narrative above is not intended to be showcased alongisde the images, rather, builds an atmosphere while presenting importants themes from my workframe and research interests as an artist.

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