The ordinary life of Alison Martinu

My series portrays the everyday life of Alison Martinu, a suburban cross-dresser living in Newcastle upon Tyne. These pictures are more than a temporary escape, they are testimony to the self-creation of identity.

I followed them in their routine and rambles in North England.

Alison describes the necessity of expressing their feminine identity as an alter ego. - ‘Very few of us are in a position to integrate both aspects of ourselves into our everyday lives. Also most heterosexual cross-dressers find their partners do not accept their inclinations and have to keep the whole thing secret.’

The first time Alison dressed up as a woman was at university during a costume party, that's when they discover they liked the feeling and sensation of the fabric on their skin.

Their long time partner and wife has accepted their inclinations at only one condition, to not shave their beard.

In order to do so, they had to find a stratagem and eventually bought a mask (of Madonna) found in a costume shop, cut it in two, painted it in their own skin tones and that’s how Alison was born.

Cross-dressers like Alison might have remained overlooked as they usually perform for themselves. I have found interesting to reflect the ordinariness and duality of their life, demonstrating there are also other forms of transgenderism.

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