The challenge is, to find your niche

My fascination lies in the relationship between humankind and nature, climate change, and the footprint we as humans are leaving behind on our planet. In my artistic practice, I attempt to build a bridge between sustainability and art. I want to engage people by visually acquainting them with subjects that are difficult to understand, but are nevertheless ubiquitous. My field of interest is the biggest global problem of the moment: climate change. I try to teach people in an intuitive way by inviting my audience to enter a photographic world where different aspects of climate change are displayed, sometimes as plain facts, sometimes in a poetic way. I try to communicate in a stimulating and not so much of a condescending manner. My work is future-oriented because however I depict negative climate oriented change, I also focus on the positive impact that people could have on this global phenomenon. I think retaining a positive world view is essential in order to envision a constructive and sanguine future. My work is the ideal combination of culture, art and politically relevant issues. People tend to turn a blind eye to climate change, but I am convinced that this subject belongs on the artistic agenda.

© Niké Dolman - A horse shimmers, 2019

A horse shimmers, 2019

© Niké Dolman - Calvi family, 2020

Calvi family, 2020

© Niké Dolman - Bovine beige, 2019

Bovine beige, 2019

© Niké Dolman - Brooklyn basketball players, 2016

Brooklyn basketball players, 2016

© Niké Dolman - Command and control, 2016

Command and control, 2016

© Niké Dolman - Dreamliner's Mood Indigo, 2018

Dreamliner's Mood Indigo, 2018

© Niké Dolman - KL641, 2017

KL641, 2017

© Niké Dolman - Where the water goes, 2018

Where the water goes, 2018

© Niké Dolman - Enci walkers, 2021

Enci walkers, 2021

© Niké Dolman - Floating bananas, 2018

Floating bananas, 2018

© Niké Dolman - Laundry in nature is the only way, 2018

Laundry in nature is the only way, 2018

© Niké Dolman - Mont Blanc, 2019

Mont Blanc, 2019

© Niké Dolman - Orange and Green, Ella, 2018

Orange and Green, Ella, 2018

© Niké Dolman - Red reflections, 2015

Red reflections, 2015

© Niké Dolman - Sri in blue, 2019

Sri in blue, 2019

© Niké Dolman - Two ways of seeing, 2018

Two ways of seeing, 2018

© Niké Dolman - U-turn, 2016

U-turn, 2016

© Niké Dolman - A classic lover's tale, 2019

A classic lover's tale, 2019

© Niké Dolman - Villa Taranto, 2019

Villa Taranto, 2019

© Niké Dolman - UA0071, 2016

UA0071, 2016

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The challenge is, to find your niche by Niké Dolman

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