The Birdsong is Deafening

The Birdsong is Deafening is an exploratory visual narrative that contemplates the endlessly shifting landscape between memory, loss and place. It reflects upon the relationship I have to my hometown of Cairns and the fragments and in-between spaces of a multicultural identity. Sifting through the detritus of my own memories, this work is as much a solitary meditation as it is a collaboration with the land, its creatures and those closest to me. It hovers in the intimate corners of a family home or the bend of a creek - steeped in the poetic sentiments places often recall in us. The journey is non definitive, it has no ending or beginning and sits somewhere between fact and fiction in perpetual dialogue with a world that is real and imagined, familiar and unfamiliar, here and there. Pulled along by this melancholic pulse of remembering and forgetting it calls into question photography as a memory making device and its ultimate failure to capture the complexities of our human condition.

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