Paradise Falling

Using landscape and constructed imagery as a way to reinterpret my memories and emotions, this series seeks to explore growth, reminiscence and the meaning of solitude through the act of photographing

Did I actually reach out my arms

toward it, toward paradise falling, like

the fading of the dearest, wildest hope ---

the dark heart of the story that is all

the reason for its telling?

-- Mary Oliver from “The Chance to Love Everything”

By observing and making imagery of the natural world around me, I have become a collector--I am gathering together images whose subjects are often scattered or widespread. Like Jazz, these images exist through improvisation, syncopation, and rhythm. Their meaning is developed through their own fluidity and abstraction. But also, this imagery is rooted in memory and my desire for the past to go away. Through organization and curation, I am able to redefine meaning and time.

The images, published as a monograph, are paired with vignettes of writing that explore the loss of a relationship, the loss of what home means, and the feeling of being unmoored. I spent the last ten years of my life drifting, and this series is an exploration of feeling lost within that physical and emotional landscape. The figures in the book are representative of metaphors that look at astrology, myth, and symbolism where as the vignettes offer a diaristic and more literal interpretation of the imagery.

© Alana Celii - Skógafoss, 2016

Skógafoss, 2016

© Alana Celii - Kirkjufell, 2016

Kirkjufell, 2016

© Alana Celii - Aries, 2016

Aries, 2016

© Alana Celii - Super Bloom, 2016

Super Bloom, 2016

© Alana Celii - Rachel with Sunflowers, 2013

Rachel with Sunflowers, 2013

© Alana Celii - White Sands, 2013

White Sands, 2013

© Alana Celii - Mole, 2016

Mole, 2016

© Alana Celii - Balsalt Columns, 2016

Balsalt Columns, 2016

© Alana Celii - Gemini, 2016

Gemini, 2016

© Alana Celii - Joshua Tree, 2017

Joshua Tree, 2017

© Alana Celii - Yellow, 2010

Yellow, 2010

© Alana Celii - Juniper Flats, 2017

Juniper Flats, 2017

© Alana Celii - Dandelions, 2013

Dandelions, 2013

© Alana Celii - Spider Web, 2018

Spider Web, 2018

© Alana Celii - Sound, 2018

Sound, 2018

© Alana Celii - Grave, 2016

Grave, 2016

© Alana Celii - Self Portrait in the Dunes, 2010

Self Portrait in the Dunes, 2010

© Alana Celii - Geysir, 2016

Geysir, 2016

© Alana Celii - Saguaro Desert, 2018

Saguaro Desert, 2018

© Alana Celii - Kilt Rock, 2018

Kilt Rock, 2018

Paradise Falling by Alana Celii

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