Órbita W

With fiction, imagination and irony, this projects talks about Latin American satellites and sovereignty to think about today's world.

Órbita W is a photographic homage to the Argentine satellites and our ability to dream of a better future.

Historically, the continents that send the most satellites into space year after year are the USA and Europe, leaving Latin America behind despite its excellent scientific quality. These satellites sent into space would offer great internet services, but at a very high cost for the countries of our region.

Recently, Argentine satellites have been launched into space with the intention of generating better connectivity conditions and images of our territory. For us, they are a source of pride and an exercise of sovereignty.

In this project I am interested in imagining how these devices look at our earth, how are the Argentine spaces where they are created and repaired and how we can think of new narratives around them outside of the spatial stereotype of other parts of the world. Now, in a DIY way, I am now working on an antenna to investigate how to get images from these satellites.

With fiction, irony and creativity, I am interested in asking questions to the documentary photography and their practices. This project is part of a larger project that has to do with the sovereignty of our territory and the injustices we experience on the world of today, which with the fantasy of 'progress'

and denying neocolonial practices thinks it's always better than the world of yesterday.

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