No Woman No Cry

The conflict in Ukraine is a dramatic event that will leave Europe and the world changed. The war has its roots in past history and will influence the future balance of Europe and the world for decades to come. The first tangible consequences are the 4.2 million people forced to flee, in an exodus not seen since the Second World War. While men aged 18 to 60 had to stay behind to protect their country, women fled the war to neighbouring countries under the threat of bombing and fighting right on their doorstep, making a quick and final decision to save their lives and those of their loved ones. Relatives, friends, home, work, pets and things collected over a lifetime, representing a person's entire existence, were left behind with the fear of never seeing them again. Lives interrupted. In a rare access to the sheltering places, we met with many of these brave women to have their stories told and documented. We took a photo, symbolising these lives in a single portrait, and asked for one important thing they were able to take along in their hastily packed suitcases as they fled. Symbols and connections to the past and hopes for the future, while living in a harsh and painful present.

The project is completed by in-depth interviews with all the subjects, where they tell their dramatic stories.

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