Moksha is the anatomy of the connecting identity, the thread that binds Sutra. The redness of the thread transfuses to the images to create a connection fluid in form and universal in nature. The images travel through concepts that circle life, death, and rebirth.

Moksha is a visual narrative that carves a passage towards liberation. A Sanskrit word meaning to set free. It is a philosophical concept, which refers to emancipation, release, liberation or freedom.

Moksha is a journey through the unconscious, where there is no singular clear narrative, but the disconnection and chaos within the red images, just like blood, establishes a need to break free, to heal past wounds, and find liberation through the consciousness of self.

“I think it is within this imagined space that we can either be kept under or find forms of resistance and catharsis.”

Sunil Shah, ASX, 2018

Moksha is the release of the thread that binds the book Sutra (connections) by revisiting personal archives of projects done between 2011 to 2015, in different places, like India, Nepal and Spain. The work was later published as a book in 2018.

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