Mirage of Dreams

Inspired by psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott's 1953 concept of Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena, my photographs investigate the multifaceted area of human experience that exists between internal reality and the external factual world, while also considering the notion of fact and fiction in photography.

An image of a human-like individual, a man perhaps, is depicted across different photographs. This individual possesses all of the physical characteristics of a person, an upright body, a face, and two functional hands. However, there is something unsettling and uncanny about the figure that makes the viewer question the object's authenticity. This idea of an intermediate state between subjective perception of the world and the objective truth is what is behind my photographs. Winnicott introduced his concept to the public through his research on infants' inability to perceive reality and their growing ability to accept it. This substance of illusion primarily manifests in adult life, through exposure to cultural constructs such as art and religion. It is my belief that conspiracy theories are a direct result of the conflict between objective truths and subjective perceptions.

My work investigates the conflicts between fantasy and reality, while questioning the function of photography as a true representation of reality. What is more important, what you believe to be true or what is presented in front of you?

© Pumipat Usapratumban - By the window

By the window

© Pumipat Usapratumban - Mirrors


© Pumipat Usapratumban - Opening the fridge

Opening the fridge

© Pumipat Usapratumban - Face


© Pumipat Usapratumban - Portrait


© Pumipat Usapratumban - On the bed

On the bed

© Pumipat Usapratumban - Lay down

Lay down

© Pumipat Usapratumban - Eye


© Pumipat Usapratumban - Hands


© Pumipat Usapratumban - In the bath tub

In the bath tub

© Pumipat Usapratumban - Hand


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Mirage of Dreams by Pumipat Usapratumban

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