La métrica y la lágrima

Metrics & Tears

The photographic essay "Metrics & Tears" unveils an experiment that the artist has lived in his own flesh: the experience of a physical correction. With remnants of trauma, this process is presented not only as an overt torture, but also as a reflection around ways of seeing. Here, the photographic device appears as 'mentor' or corrector of what and how we see: the gaze that conforms with the implicit coordinates of the machine. It is important to know that lab and technical devices are not only objects, but also theories. The design of a device itself, implies some sort of previous truth. When we capture the world, we imprint on it a perspective, a scenography, an aesthetic purpose.

Along his trip throughout the Argentine foothills of the Andes in the provinces of Salta and Catamarca, the author discovers a landscape where the redemption of an image of the physical corrections he went through becomes feasible. His interest moves away from the touristic and the ethnographic perspectives to a rather introspective and poetic glance. In the gathering of artifacts and landscapes, a unique language is woven, a mesh of signs that trace a new system. By including in the same geological coordinates, the imposing geometric structures of the scientific objects and the extensive surface of the mountainous ground, a single space is revealed in unity. A new gaze conspires in favor of the mystery dissolving the threatening metrics and their rectification powers.

Mariana Robles

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