La ballata del rimorso

The work has two layers: the reflection on the concept of mental disease, and the construction of a myth.

Are we as far from Middle Age as we think?

La ballata del rimorso is a travel into the abyss. It follows 4 stories that merge in the tale of a disease that shakes feminine bodies and minds.

A bite.

The tarantula is back.

Maria is the stumbling block and then the falling into our unknown inner reality.

Follows invisibly Antonia, who screams out loud into the darkness, but she has no voice. She drags us down in the grip of insanity.

Then Rosetta takes the floor, but who’s speaking? Abandoned to the metamorphosis into a crazy dance, we transform with her too.

Lastly two bodies, in unison, make us re-emerge from the waters. A polyphony that becomes a cure, bringing to light the deepest wounds.

The work is a tale about mental disease, that translates the complex multiplicity of symptoms, causes and consequences, within the dialogue between photography, texts and installation. Departing from the origins of a real phenomenon that is as fascinating as incomprehensible (tarantism), I built a fictive story. In the middle of a global crisis, could mythology explain what is still too slippery to understand?

The work consist in 3 photographic series, one puppet, and an audio of the tale which is idally played in loop within the room of the exhibition.

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La ballata del rimorso by Giada Cicchetti

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